Importance of Traditional Dance and Costumes in Navratri

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Traditional Dance and Costumes in Navratri – Embracing the lively festival

Navratri, the festival of joy and merriment is one of the most vivacious festivals of India. During this period, the devotees honor ‘aadi shakti’ Devi Durga for exterminating the most ghastly demon Mahisasur. This festival not only symbolizes the victory of good over bad but also celebrates the spirit of togetherness. Devotees not only offer prayers in this joyous occasion but also celebrate the festival by posing traditional dresses, humming folk songs and dancing. Garba, originally a Gujarati folk dance form is the liveliest and energetic dance form. The popularity of this folk is such that today, every state organize Garba festival to grace the occasion of Navratri.

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Importance of Traditional Garba Dance

Garba dance is a dramatization of the prolonged nine-day battle between goddess Durga and Mahisasur. In the earlier times, this dance was performed to educate people about this mythological event post, which the audience were allowed to join the dance festival. However, with changing times, Garba has become a social event wherein people congregate and team up to enjoy the festival. Today, Garba and Dandiya Raas have become a source of entertainment for everyone. People wear traditional dresses and socialize to celebrate this beautiful festival.

Garba Dance

Garba Dance

Dandiya Raas

Dandiya Raas

Importance of Traditional Costumes in Navratri

As navratri is a festival of bliss and enjoyment, people wear traditional costumes, which are quite colorful and bright. This is a festival of togetherness, because of which people wear dresses of similar pattern to spread the spirit of oneness. Gujarati women prefer the traditional Chaniya Choli that has vibrant colors and striking embellishments. Designer sarees and Lehenga sarees are also some of the hot favorites of women. Men wear traditional kurtas embraced with dazzling mirror work and pair up with the ladies to grace this spirited festival.

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Navratri Dandiya Garba Costumes

Navratri Dandiya Garba Costumes

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