Famous Navratri Garba Songs

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Famous Navratri Garba Songs that make you groove

Navratri is the festival that brings illimitable joy and glee with the splendid nine-day long celebrations throughout the country. Apart from observing traditional rituals, this festival is also popular for the preparation of sumptuous cuisines, posing colorful outfits and grooving to the tunes of wonderful Garba songs. Originally, Garba used to embody the dramatization of fight between female divinity Maa durga and Mahisasura however, with commercialization, Garba has become a source of entertainment and merriment for the devotees.

Today, Garba festival is conducted in every state of the country and also many other countries where people gather and put their feet together in the beautiful tunes of popular Garba songs.

Following are some of the famous Navratri Garba songs:

1. Aavo Ramva Raas
Aavo Ramva Raas is a soft Garba number sung by eminent pop singer Falguni Pathak. The song has a soothing tune and emblematic Gujarati Folk song beats that makes you groove for sure. Falguni herself has performed the song at various Garba festivals, which brings this song amongst the most popular tracks of Garba songs today.

2. Hu tau Gai ti Mele
This is another peppy number that is usually played at various Garba festivals. The song has been time and again sung by prominent folk singers and is considered to be one of the evergreen Garba songs.

3. Nagar Nand ji Na Laal
It is a perky folk garba song with mind-blowing beats of traditional dhol and rhythmic Gujarati tunes. The song is sung by distinguished singer Anuradha Paudwal and is the hot favorite of Garba festivals.

4. Dholi Taro
Originally, a Gujarati folk number, the song has been remixed with bollywood tunes to give it a groovy touch. This song from the movie Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam is one of the most popular tracks in which Dandiya is performed.

5. Non-Stop Bollywood Numbers
The latest Hindi Bollywood hits are mingled with traditional dhol to give Gujarati delight these days. The remixed songs from Hindi Movies are played back to back which does not allow you to take your feet off the dance floor.

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