Navratri Garba Dandiya Costumes for Womens

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Costumes During Navratri

Navratri is a time when women tend to wear their best in terms of clothes right to the hilt. The clothes they wear can be compared to the bridal finery and mostly they are in the colors of red, pink and maroon. In short, all vibrant and bright colors are used to show happiness in the heart of a person in celebrating the festival. Moreover, this is the time when they worship Goddess Shakti or Durga or Ambe Mata. The names may vary according to different states but they are all forms of the same goddess.

Chaniya cholis and Ghaghras:

There are many types of dresses that ladies choose to wear during the period of Navratri. From beautiful sarees to elegant and richly embroidered ghaghra cholis to chania cholis full of mirror work and patch work, there are a lot of choices when it comes to dressing for the event for a woman. Primarily, women whether married or unmarried wear Lehenga cholis in the Northern part of India. In Gujarat and other places where there is Gujarati influence, people wear chaniya cholis as well. Though they seem to be the same but there some very fine differences among the two.

Chaniya cholis are primarily done in mirror work and are also in vibrant multi hues. Ghaghras on the other hand tend to be more embroidery based. Apart from simple patch work and intricate mirror work, there is no embroidery done on the chaniya cholis. The ghaghras contains embroidery such as chikankari, gotapatti work, sequins, pearls etc.


Many women wear sarees as well. These are heavily embroidered or are of rich materials like silk, tussar etc. Some of these sarees contain intricate thread work and look very elegant during festivals. Women tend to wear a variety of cholis or blouses, which look very attractive. There are many materials and designs in sarees as well. You can get sarees in mirror work, chikankari, lehariya with border, bandhini sarees with intricate yet heavy work on them. These sarees are either in georgette or chiffon and look very delicate on women. Nowadays, many women wear laser sarees with heavy embroidery done on them as it has a very grand look and at the same time, easy to manage.

Clothes are an important part of the entire festivities during the period of Navratri. It is essential for women to look nice and be richly decked up. This is also an occasion to meet other people and indulge in social mingling of the people.

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